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Yes, I am a self taught artist, where I have developed my style and skills  from continuous practice and experimentation. Most of what I do in my work is learnt from observations whether by artists on instagram and or youtube

My style of work is described as classical traditional figurative painting, presented in a contemporary style

No I don’t always paint on canvas. Perhaps, since last year I began painting on canvas, I usually paint on mixed media paper.

I usually just ask my friends or family members, or even reach out to models that I follow on instagram to model for my paintings.

Notably, my work is influenced by an artist I discovered on instagram. His name is Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen. He’s a Korean artist, living in the UK. When I first came across his work on instagram, I instantly fell in love. I felt so connected to his work. I wanted to be able to paint just like him, and take his style of work and find a way to develop on it and express myself in it. Other artists that influenced my work are the great masters like Michaelangelo, Leonardo da vinci, Rafael etc.

Yes I do, when requesting a commission I ask the clients to provide a size in inches of the canvas you’re interested in getting the painting done, a picture you would like me to paint, and any additional ideas or inspiration you would like implemented in the piece

To me, the main milestone that I have achieved was being able to have my own art exhibition and to sell my work which helped me gain a following. Not to mention, being comfortable in trusting my intuition and creativity with my painting process.

I won’t say I have a style just yet in my work. I am experimenting and trying to figure out the best way I can artistically showcase my emotions, thoughts and ideologies in my work. It takes time to develop a unique style and I’m honestly not in a rush to find one just yet. However, I do have a preferred way in which I paint.

At a very young age of 7, I think lol. I was in elementary school at that point in time. Art to me gives me a feeling I can’t explain. My mom was the one that made me fall in love with it at first.

Just create work. Experiment and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

I don’t really have one favourite artist. To me each artist gives me a different vibe, feeling and understanding of how paint can be manipulated to express oneself or bring across a message. Currently, my three favourite artists are Lionel Smit (South African artist), Vladimir Volegov (Russian artist) and Henrik Uldalen (UK artist). Each of them have a distinct style which evokes different feelings from me.

I currently work in oils, however I have experienced working in many different mediums. Some other mediums I have worked in are acrylics, watercolours, oil and soft pastels, clay, charcoal, graphite, pen and ink etc. Oils currently have my heart, so I call myself an oil painter.

I call myself a self taught artist, because no one has actually taught me how to paint. However, I did get some help during primary and secondary school. So to answer the question, I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at UWI. But Youtube is the real teacher here lol.

My challenges were people telling me to choose a different career because artists don’t make money, comparing myself to more established artists, and a lot of artists blocks

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